A very Happy and Satisfied customer #872

Hello everyone at Bubble Tea Supply (Formally Bubble Tea Canada)

I’m not sure who called me when I placed my first order a couple of months ago but he was a gem!!! The issue was regarding you running out of the small Lychee jelly and you only had the 4kg.

He was ever so kind in trying to help me choose another flavor but lychee really is the only one I love. I was willing to wait (with a heavy heart and tears) but no, he wouldn’t have that! He bumped me up to the 4kg size at the 1.25lb price. I was truly overwhelmed! How KIND was THAT gesture!!! I laughed and said he really didn’t have to, I’d be patient and just keep buying them vs making them but he generously insisted! A complete definition of the term “Customer CARE” in every sense!!

We laughed when I said that I didn’t think that was a good business move as it will take me a year to finish that!!

Well, I’m humbly here to tell you...I FINISHED IT!!! I haven’t gained any weight so there’s THAT positive angle but I was absolutely WRONG in thinking it would take me forever to drink a 4kg vat of lychee jellies!!!

I’ll be placing my next order with you today and I wanted you to know that not only do you have a customer for life but I’ve made all of my friends Bubble Teas (I guess I didn’t eat the WHOLE tub of jellies by myself!) and told them NOT to shop anywhere but with you!!

I have to ensure that his amazing and kind good deed doesn’t go unrewarded as you guys are by far THE best company I’ve dealt with!!!

As I’ve explained to friends when I’ve said not to waste their time looking anywhere else, your quality and selection in every category is second to none! I mean that.

And, I would not be opposed if you felt I should pay the difference in the small to large lychee. I did go through it much faster than anticipated and feel it would be the right thing to offer. (And YES I most certainly DO have a 4kg lychee jelly in this next order! I’ve learned my lesson and how much I love them!....plus they are easier to throw together a bubble tea when I haven’t the time to make pearls LOL!).

I look forward to hearing from you and again, thank you for all of your fantastic service!

If there’s somewhere I could do a public testimonial about how fabulous you are, please let me know. (I clearly will NOT mention my extra special customer service lol!! I do truly like to give 10 star reviews where and when it’s due and you’ve earned it!!).

Best always,
Tannas  P.

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